Are Your Teeth at Risk of Cracking?

What causes teeth to crack?

Teeth cracking is a common problem for people over 50. Unfortunately, teeth that are cracked are more susceptible to breaking.

The risk of teeth cracking is connected to ageing and the risk is even greater for people with fillings.

The risk of a tooth cracking is increased by:

• Natural wear and tear that occurs from chewing
• Teeth clenching and grinding
• Fillings that weaken the tooth

How does cracking usually occur?

Many times cracking will occur when you bite down on a hard surface such as crusty bread or almonds.

Can this happen even if you are taking good care of your teeth? Yes, because teeth cracking is connected with teeth ageing.

How can you protect your teeth? Wearing a night guard helps protect your teeth against grinding that occurs at night.

More about grinding on Facebook…
Dr. Drummond did a Facebook Live talking about grinding and mouthguards.

Want to know if you are at risk? Talk to our dental team at your next check-up and cleaning appointment!

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