Fast food and snacking also affects your dental health

Fast Food and Snack Foods

With such busy schedules, it can sometimes be hard to prepare fresh meals at home. Fast food and snacks are often a go-to solution. Fast food, however, can be damaging to one’s teeth. 4 Steps for Busy People to Better Protect Their Teeth 1 – Be aware of dangers Salt and sugar are more likely

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What causes teeth to crack?

Are Your Teeth at Risk of Cracking?

Teeth cracking is a common problem for people over 50. Unfortunately, teeth that are cracked are more susceptible to breaking. The risk of teeth cracking is connected to ageing and the risk is even greater for people with fillings. The risk of a tooth cracking is increased by: • Natural wear and tear that occurs

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How to select a toothbrush

How to Choose a Toothbrush

Are all electric toothbrushes equal? They are not! We recommend the Oral B and Sonic Care brands because the head of the brush OSCILLATES (goes back and forth) making them much more efficient and effective in cleaning your teeth. The less expensive “spin” / battery operated brushes don’t work as well. Because the head of

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Iced tea - sweet and refreshing

Summer Drinks and Food

Take care of your teeth over the summer! Sugar is sneaky In the summer, we often grab cold refreshments without realizing the sugar content. For example, did you know that ice tea has approximately the same sugar content as a soft drink? And that popsicles are essentially frozen sugar? Sugar that stays on your teeth, without

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Dental Cleaning at Montreal West Dentistry

Not Just a Dental Cleaning!

Why are healthy teeth important? Not only will you have a beautiful smile, but healthy teeth help you chew and digest food, speak clearly and keep your jaws strong. How we help keep your teeth healthy We recommend that you see us every six months for a dental check-up and cleaning. These appointments are not

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