Important Questions to Ask Your Dental Insurance Provider

Dental Insurance questions to ask

When it comes to employee benefits, dental insurance is certainly one that most people are aware of and want.

If you do have dental insurance, it’s important that you know what your coverage includes. 

When you require dental treatment, a dentist’s role is to provide a treatment plan based on your oral health needs. These needs may be different from what is covered by your dental insurance plan. 

Coverage provided by dental insurance policies vary and it’s up to you to check with your insurance carrier to know what dental procedures are covered. Due to Canada’s privacy law, we are not permitted to make inquiries about your insurance or discuss with your carrier what is covered and why.

Of course, it is your decision to go ahead with any treatment, whether the treatment is covered by dental insurance or not.

There’s much more to know about dental insurance and your responsibilities. It would be a mistake to assume that all dental procedures are covered by your policy without first checking with your insurance carrier.

I encourage you to read the dental insurance article on our website that explains in more detail how dental insurance coverage and payments are handled. Patients and dental offices need to follow the claim procedures as defined by the insurance companies. 

Our flossify is to help you make the most of your dental coverage.


Dr. John

P.S. There are 6 questions to ask your insurance carrier that will help you understand the level of your coverage. You will find the questions in the dental insurance article on our website.  It will only take 3 to 4 minutes to read the article.

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