Medication and Oral Health

Medication can affect your oral health

Medication and Oral Health

Did you know that medication can affect teeth and gums?

To help keep your teeth and gums healthy, your dentist at Montreal West Dentistry will review your medical questionnaire at every check-up and cleaning. It’s important for us to know if you are taking medication – prescription and over-the-counter.

Effects on your teeth, gums and mouth can include:
• Gum problems: inflammation, sores, overgrowth, infections
• Damaged tooth enamel
• Dry mouth / reduced saliva
• Tooth decay
• Altered taste of food
• Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a common issue we see with patients. Dr Maria shared helpful information on a Facebook Live in January.

She explains how a lack of saliva affects chewing, swallowing and taste. She also explains how a lack of saliva significantly increases the risk of cavities and how we, as your dentists, can help you.

Experiencing symptoms?

If you think that you might be experiencing any of the above symptoms or have recently started taking medication, we recommend booking an appointment for a check-up and cleaning.

If you are caring for someone who takes medication, please ask them if they are experiencing any of these symptoms.

And remember…

Healthy teeth and gums rely on good oral hygiene habits! This includes brushing your teeth at least twice per day, flossing daily and regular visits to see us.

As always, please call with questions or to book an appointment 514-484-0521 or request an appointment online.


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