Sealants: Who Are They For?

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Sealants: Who Are They For?

Sealants are a protective coating that a dentist or hygienist place on the permanent molars as they come into your child’s mouth at the age of 6-7 and 12-13.

Dental Sealants are an effective method of protecting your teeth from bacteria and acids that contribute to tooth decay. So why do we recommend these? Because they protect your teeth in ways that regular cleaning and flossing cannot!

Sealants consist of a plastic material that is placed on the chewing surface of the permanent back teeth.

This smooth surface protection then shields the food and bacteria from reaching down into the depressions and grooves of your teeth where decay would start.

Why these teeth and not the others?

These permanent teeth that are located at the back of your mouth are particular in their structure. They have what are called “fissures” or grooves in their chewing surfaces. These grooves are deep and thus difficult to clean as the grooves are narrower than the brushes of your toothbrush can reach.

The sealants can last for up to 10 years or more. They are checked at each visit to ensure that they are not chipped or worn away. If needed, repairs or touch-ups are easily done.

Who should get sealants?

Sealants are designed for children between 6-14, once these adult teeth come in. This age span is known to have the highest incidence of cavities and therefore the reason that we recommend protecting your children through these more challenging years of caring for their teeth! Adults who are prone to decay or needing fillings, may also be recommended to get sealants.


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