Summer Drinks and Food

Iced tea - sweet and refreshing

Summer Drinks and Food

Take care of your teeth over the summer!

Sugar is sneaky

In the summer, we often grab cold refreshments without realizing the sugar content. For example, did you know that ice tea has approximately the same sugar content as a soft drink? And that popsicles are essentially frozen sugar?

Sugar that stays on your teeth, without being removed by brushing, puts you at increased risk of cavities.

What you can do!

  • Drink plenty of water and eat veggies!
  • Remember to brush your teeth twice a day and to floss daily.
  • If you have kids going to camp, remember to pack their tooth brush and tooth paste! Adding in floss picks is a bonus 🙂
  • If you are going on road trips or are on the move this summer, take along extra tooth brushes and paste!

Need extra toothpaste? We invite you to drop in and pick up an extra tube on us!

Facebook Live with Dr John

Learn more about how to protect your teeth this summer! Dr John did a great Facebook Live recently that was packed with helpful information! Watch video now.



Just a reminder that our Whitening Special is on!

Dr. Sarah did a great Facebook Live that walks us through the Whitening procedure. If you are on Facebook, you can view that video by clicking here.

Book your appointment before September 30th (honored) and pay only $349.99.

Call to book your appointment or ask your questions!  514-484-0521


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