Dr. Craig

Dr. Sarar Craig Dentist

Dr. Craig


Dr. Craig joined us at Montreal West Dentistry in July 2017.  

She graduated from McGill University in 2004.

After six years practicing in North Carolina, she returned to Montreal with her husband and children.

Upon returning to Montreal, Dr. Craig was at a downtown dental clinic. 

Dr. Craig is originally from Ottawa and followed in the footsteps of her mother who also graduated from the dental faculty at McGill University.


Bright New Beginnings

Dr. Sarah graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at McGill University in 2004.

Private Practice – Minnesota

After graduating she moved to Minnesota with her husband and worked in a private practice for one year.

Private Practice – North Carolina

Moves to North Carolina where she established herself in a wonderful family practice treating underprivileged patients for six years.

Private Practice - Montreal

Moves back to Montreal, joins a private practice and works as a Clinical Demonstrator in the Faculty of Dentistry Undergraduate Teaching Clinic.

Joins Montreal West Dentistry

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